Lead Generation

Many government agencies who are responsible for recruiting international investment and promoting trade work in partnership with OCO to extend their reach and capacity in international markets. We offer them direct representation in key target markets, as well as support for outreach campaigns and international trade shows, events and one off missions. We also work with a number of private sector clients in our overseas network to support their business development efforts.

With representation clients we typically agree an international campaign strategy and set objectives around the value of deals or investment projects that the region can realistically attract, usually around certain sectors or value added activities. We insist on full training and induction on the client offer so we can pitch it optimally to foreign buyers. We assign a dedicated project manager and a front line team in market, supported by our back office research centre in Belfast to run the campaign/representation contract.

In this area we offer different levels of support tailored to client ambition and budget:

Entry level would include:

– Basic Market Intelligence evolving to Qualified Trade or Investment Lead

This steps up to:

– Recruitment Support for specific missions
– Client Outreach
– Events
– In Market Deployment of Representative Staff and Offices

We work for national government agencies such as:

  • JETRO Japan supporting their investment recruitment in US and Europe
  • Several US States in Europe and Asia
    (Florida, Ohio, Missouri, and Maine)
  • We represent a number of European regions in US and Asia