Get World Cup ready!

Kathrin Lemke | 11 Oct 2022 | General

‘Arhbo’ – the official FIFA World Cup 2022TM song – means ‘Welcome’! In exactly 40 days, Qatar will host the biggest sporting event in the world and welcome hundreds of thousands of international fans. The country is (almost) ready, but are you? Here are some tips to maneuver through the football madness.

#1 Get your tickets

If you don’t have your tickets yet, your only chance is the official FIFA ticket resale platform, which is now open! Check these links if you are interested in purchasing tickets:

  • For international travelers, click here
  • If you are a Qatar citizen or resident, click here

The resale platform will be open until the end of the tournament on 18th December 2022. Prepare for long queuing times as demand is high!

#2 Apply for your Hayya card (digital fan ID)

All local and international fans must apply for a digital ‘Hayya’ card. This is your entry permit to the State of Qatar and your stadium access (along with your match ticket), and free match day travel by public transport.

Starting 1st November till 20th December, only Hayya card holders will be allowed entry to Qatar, as well as citizens and residents. No ‘standard’ visas will be issued during this time. For your digital Hayya card to be approved, you should arrange for accommodation (good luck with that!).

Good news is, that Hayya card holders can get a free-multiple entry visa for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Oman, the UAE and Jordan for a period up to 60 days! Visa would still need to be applied for through the respective online visa application platforms.

To apply, visit the Hayya portal here or download the ‘Hayya to Qatar 2022’ app. If you face any issues, you can reach out to a 24-hour call center hotline at +974 44412022 (if you’re abroad), or 2022 (if you’re in Qatar), or send an email to

Fans not staying in Qatar can use the ‘Match Day Shuttle’ to fly to the country, watch a match of their choice and return within 24 hours. Qatar Airways and a several regional carriers, offer this service. To see a detailed guide on how to apply for a ‘match day visit’, click here.

#3 Book your accommodation

If you are not lucky to live close by and are planning to stay for longer than 24 hours, accommodation is mandatory. You can find several options on the official accommodation website here, including cruise ship hotels and fan villages.

On Airbnb you can find anything between as low as $250/night up to $8,000/night for an apartment. Popular residential areas like the Pearl are currently starting from anything close to $800/night. Better be quick!

#4 Bring a big wallet

In normal days Qatar is not the most budget-friendly place, but you better bring some extra cash if you are planning to enjoy Doha’s many hotel restaurants. Four Seasons Doha has just announced their ‘slight’ changes in brunch prices. Starting November 25th, you can indulge in a scrumptious buffet at only QAR1900, including alcoholic drinks though (that’s around $520). But don’t worry, Qatar has some amazing Shawarma stalls!

#5 Enjoy the experience

The Visit Qatar’s website has a full calendar of events taking place during the tournament, including many attractions at the several Fan Zones spread across the country. To have access to 30+ museums, exhibitions and heritage sites, avail offers to many dining locations as well as special prices for some of the major events, check out the One Pass by ‘Qatar Creates’, a year-round cultural movement and a platform for arts and culture.


It is undoubtedly one of the most controversial world cups, but it sure is a unique experience that the country has prepared for over the past 10 years. Finally, it is here, and we might as well embrace it! My jersey (Kathrin Lemke) is ready. I’m just hoping the German team will make it past the group stage this time around…