OCO Global supports Korean start-ups in Europe

Dr Kim J. Zietlow | 05 Nov 2020 | Asian perspective

OCO Global looks back at its first year serving Korean start-ups as Channel Partner Europe for Born2Global, a South Korean government start-up support centre in Seoul.

This partnership was Inaugurated by Jongkap Kim, Born2Global’s CEO and Dr. Kim J. Zietlow, Senior Project Manager, OCO Global, in the beginning of 2020 and the services will hopefully continue into 2021.


Consulting services for Korean start-ups

Under the Born2Global Global Market Expansion support programme OCO Global offers various service modules with regards to market and industry analysis, competitive environment, partner search, business model adjustment and sales strategy. With ICT experts across its offices in Dublin, London, Paris, Frankfurt and Berlin, Korean start-ups benefit from OCO Global’s wide coverage of the key European markets as well as experts’ sector expertise.

As an example, OCO Global has worked with an innovative green tech scale-up, which aimed to identify its primary market in Europe to start a pilot project. OCO Global has first screened the largest 40+ markets and ranked them based on regulatory barriers, technology adoption rates, business model suitability and commercial market potential. Next, OCO Global experts conducted a thorough due diligence on 6 shortlisted markets and provided in-depth information about specific industry regulation, contractual details of signing service contracts in each market, go-to-market strategy, vetted a longlist of potential customers, adjusted the company’s specific USP and value proposition. As a result, OCO Global has equipped the start-ups’ leadership with all information necessary to make an informed decision about its first pilot market in Europe.


About Born2Global

The Born2Global start-up hub was founded in 2013 under the Korean Ministry of Science and ICT (MSIT) as a government support agency for Korean start-ups. Every year Born2Global offers up to 100 innovative Korean tech start-ups the opportunity to participate and receive funding for its Global Market Expansion support programme. Designated Channel Partners such as OCO Global in Europe provide valuable research and advisory services to prepare stat-ups for market entry and growth.


About OCO Global

OCO Global is a leading specialist provider of trade and investment services including market entry support, business intelligence for trade and investment, trade mission support, business development, consulting, trends analysis and software solutions. OCO Global’s clients include leading national, state, and regional economic development organizations as well as private companies seeking to enter new markets.

For more information about OCO Global’s export promotion services contact our Global Trade Director Colin McCullagh (colin.mccullagh@wordpress-448088-2081753.cloudwaysapps.com). OCO Global provides (virtual) trade services for more than 600 SME and start-ups each year. Built as a Plug & Play model, OCO Global’s global network of trade specialists is able to provide the same quality and portfolio of trade services in more than 18 countries on 4 continents including the US, Europe, MENA region, India, Brazil and China.