Trade Expert: U.S. Investment Abroad Shrinks after Trump Election

30 May 2017 | News

Maine, USA
Maine Public

Northern Ireland trade consultant Mark O’Connell will tell a Maine audience Thursday that he’s taking a wait-and-see approach to Donald Trump’s election and the British vote to exit the European Union. “We all need, sometimes, to be given a little bit of a, sort of, wake-up call,” O’Connell says, “that what we’ve been doing forever – effectively or ineffectively – may not be, you know, sustainable. O’Connell heads OCO Global, a consulting firm based in Belfast, Northern Ireland.  He says since Trump was elected foreign investment in the U.S. has risen, while U.S. investment abroad has shrunk. O’Connell will be one of the speakers Thursday at the Maine International Trade Center’s “Trade Day” conference.