Provision of Market Entry Services

Client: Webaspex

Location: UK

Target Sectors: Software & Consultancy for waste collection

Markets: France

Delivery: 2018/19

About the project

Webaspx is a market leader in software provision and optimisation consultancy for waste collection in the UK. Webaspx’s technology identifies inefficiency savings and provides an effective solution to design and modify efficient routes. Webaspx is used by 200 local authorities across the UK, North America and Australia, improving waste collection, street cleaning and highway maintenance performance and productivity.

Webaspx had expansion plans and was interested in breaking into the French market. They had already identified France as a potential country for business development due to the  combination of size, access, and recycling rates.

However, Webaspx did not have enough knowledge on the French market  or a French-speaking team. So Webaspx has approached OCO Global via DIT to support their expansion into France and to benefit from local in-market expertise.


How OCO Global supported

OCO Global helped to prepare a French market overview for route optimisation software for waste collection in France. The key emphasis of the first study was to understand the structure of the market, conducting interviews with experts to gather detailed information; list of municipalities responsible for domestic waste collection and their size, Titles of staff members responsible for waste collection, list of the most important trade bodies for waste collection organisations, events of the sector, processes of waste collection, recycling streams category and collection organisations.

We then prepared a detailed market client study by conducting interviews with French waste collection managers. The key emphasis of the second study was to gain insights into the management processes of waste collection logistics employed by collectors in France. For each interview the same 15 key questions have been asked.


Key challenges

Our challenge was to generate maximum value by providing Webaspx with a detailed study of the French market waste collection structure and provide qualified fieldwork through interviews, to evaluate the market potential for Webaspx in France.



OCO Global delivered a deep-level market assessment investigating core structures and key industry players.  We conducted interviews with industry experts and waste collection managers.

OCO Global compiled an extensive list of 240 French public authorities in charge of waste collection, reaching out to 23 municipalities and conducted 20 interviews with key decision-makers in charge of waste collection.

OCO Global identified public tenders and identified that almost all those authorities interviewed, expressed the need for optimisation of waste collection.

Webaspx confirmed market opportunities in France due to OCO Global’s market assessment.