Market research and outreach

Client: Cimline Duraco

Location: Mississippi, USA & Paris

Target Sectors: Industry – Road maintenance sector

Markets: France

Delivery: 2021

About the project 

Cimline Duraco design and manufacture road maintenance equipment to preserve roadways and sell all round the world, with a small presence in Europe. The French road network, made up of more than 1 million kilometres, is getting damaged due to a reduction in the road maintenance budget.

The French Government, however, are about to invest €14 billion in road infrastructure over the next 6 years, so the opportunity for Cimline is significant if it can somehow access the market. Its key challenge was to stimulate interest in its offer among French buyers, in market controlled by 2 large competitors, one French and one German, both of whom are well established with French dealers and large roadworks companies. Cimline engaged OCO France to navigate this market and to find a suitable distribution partner that could help them secure new business from this national investment in French road infrastructure.

How OCO Global Supported:
OCO approached the project in 3 phases. Initially we conducted market research of the
French road maintenance equipment sector where the competitors were easily identifiable
and clearly well introduced in this niche market. In order to determine the best routes to
market, OCO identified a range of French dealers, as a priority target, as well as selected
end-users to evaluate the best way into this market for Cimline. OCO then outreached the
priority targets and set up virtual meetings for Cimline with interested parties, which we
hosted in order to provide that valued local contact for the partners.

OCO confirmed 3 virtual meetings for Cimline Duraco with qualified French companies that expressed interest and capability in being national distributors. Cimline has progressed discussions with two of them and the client is confident of finalizing a partnership in early 2022 that will enable them to pursue the significant business opportunities afforded by the upcoming French road infrastructure investment programme.

‘We enjoyed working with OCO and are delighted with the progress made so far.
Discussions are progressing well with two of the shortlisted companies and I think there’s
a very good chance of us finalizing a partnership early in 2022, leading to a program of
equipment demonstrations in France in the Spring. Your efforts were key to bringing this

Matt McCormick, International Sales Director