Export Promotion Programme – Institutional Capacity Building

Client: CEPEX

Location: Tunisia and London

Target Sectors: UK / Tech, Agri-food, Textiles

Delivery: 2018-2021

About the Project

Support the Tunisian Export Promotion Center to develop expertise and effective know-how in the guidance of the exporting companies in the international markets.

Key Challenges

To deliver capacity building to enable Tunisian institutions to better support local companies access international markets. This work took place as part of the programme’s broader remit to develop a pipeline of export opportunities to the UK by working directly with Tunisian SMEs across three primary sectors; Agri-food, Textiles and Tech.

How OCO Global supported:

We took a four-stage approach to this project:

Phase 1:  Conducted market intelligence to understand the export opportunities in the UK for Tunisian companies and to narrow down to the highest potential opportunities.

Phase 2:  Delivered a full institutional capacity building programme including institutional benchmarking, website development, models to identify high potential exporters and UK buyers plus workshops on good practices and export support.

Phase 3:Responded to the COVID-19 pandemic by providing research and analysis on the pandemic’s impact on UK opportunities and the Tunisian capability to meet changing demands, as well as further capacity building support focused on disaster recovery.

Phase 4: Designed a new long-term programme, providing detailed research and analysis on Tunisia’s long-term sectoral focus, with specific actions for further supporting companies export aspirations. At the same time, the new programme is pivoting towards gender empowerment and sustainability considerations.


  • Detailed reports on UK sector opportunities in agri-food, textiles and tech
  • UK export guides (physical & digital) for Tunisian companies
  • An institutional benchmarking report
  • Capacity building workshops in Tunisia (both before and during the pandemic) and a UK market visit
  • Promotional websites for each of the three priority sectors
  • A report on sector resilience due to COVID-19 and how the risks and new opportunities for Tunisian exporters that come with it
  • Design of a future long-term programme that would remain export focused, but pivot towards on gender empowerment and sustainability