Velociti is a pioneering data mining tool that clients use to improve accuracy and effectiveness of their targeting and business recruitment. Velociti scores companies on their propensity to innovate, export or invest. Initially developed internally by OCO to improve our own investor research and targeting work, we have refined our algorithms and search engines with the help of leading data scientists from Queens University and launched a subscription service which opens up the platform to our clients.

Velociti feeds off a basket of 20 qualitative and quantitative indicators to derive scores on a company’s propensity to innovate, export or invest, relative to their sector and market. The Velociti tool is connected via API to a number of leading international databases which it harvests to build target portfolios of firms which match the clients offer and ambitions by sector, geography, size of company or activity. This allows clients to target and recruit investment faster and far more effectively.

Watch Velociti in action:

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Clients include:

– Department for International Trade

– Greater MSP

– Nord France Invest

– Business Finland