Protection or Celebration?

Shalini Raste | 09 Mar 2021 | General

Gender is just one of many “protected characteristics”.  But despite its noble intentions, I’ve always found the phrase difficult to digest – major facets of my identity are fragile and need safeguarding…

But today on international women’s day, I want to celebrate these “characteristics” as strengths, rather than fragilities. They are blessings which have given me the opportunity to see the world differently to you.

They have given me different experiences, different perspectives and a different way to think about the same problem and come up with a different solution. They have given me my opportunity to see the world differently to you, which means I bring something different to the table.

In a pandemic filled world where many of us have had to endure the monotony of eat, sleep, repeat, surely now we can start to see diversity as more than a threat? I feel sad for those who remain blind to possibility, blind to innovation, blind to opportunity.

It’s at work that I value these contrasting perspectives more than ever. At OCO Global, we are lucky enough to work with companies and clients from sectors and countries around the world. My team mirror that variety. Their differences make them brilliant. And with it, they bring a diversity of thought which I am lucky to see. All because of the different ways in which they have experienced the world.

So wake up, open your eyes, see the possibilities and celebrate difference.