Below you will find a detailed overview of the programme; the application process and what is required of participating companies.

  1. Programme launch – UK market opportunities, customer profiling, group session with a UK buyer, requirements to service the UK market.
  2. UK Market strategy and business plan – Identifying target buyers, developing a clear approach to the UK and identifying gaps within your business to address.
  3. Preparing for the UK – Marketing and Sales, logistics, pricing, servicing.
  4. UK Visit – Meetings with your identified target UK buyers and follow-up.


MODULE 1: Programme Launch 

A group workshop followed by one to one meetings – Presentation of current UK workwear market – main players, environment, consumer sectors, buying trends, opportunities and strategies. Meet a UK workwear buyer to understand the key consumer products; what they expect from suppliers; and how they place orders, negotiate price and their lead times.

One-to-One sessions to begin identifying the target UK customers and products for each participating company.


MODULE 2: UK Market Strategy and Business Plan 

Based on learnings from Module 1 each company will start to build their business plan for the UK market. This will consider the target customer, product strategy, sourcing, internal capability, logistics, pricing, certification and lead times.


MODULE 3: Preparing for the UK – Marketing and Sales

Building your collection / showcasing capability; creating your ‘story’ and value proposition; developing UK marketing material; pricing, logistics and servicing info.


MODULE 4: UK visit – Meeting With Your Target Buyers

Each company will have an individual schedule of meetings with their target buyers across 4 days. The visit will start with a meeting preparation session to ensure companies are ready to present confidently to buyers and will finish with a one-to-one feedback session to discuss learnings, how to progress the sales opportunities, product development, costing and orders.



The services provided as part of the programme are free of charge.  Companies are responsible for all costs of travel and accommodation; as well as any marketing, sales or resources required to prepare for servicing the UK market.  CEPEX may be able to support with some reimbursement, but this would need to be addressed directly with CEPEX.


Selection Process:

The process and timeline for application, selection and programme commencement is as follows:





1. Call for applications to Programme Published week commencing 9th March
2. Deadline for receipt of applications 5pm on 25th March
3. Interviews for the Programme* Week commencing 30th March
4. Programme commences Week commencing 27th April 


* Interviews will be face-to-face meetings held at an appropriate venue.


Selection Criteria

The selection process will be managed by a committee consisting of OCO Global, CEPEX and an industry specialist.  The focus for selection will be on identifying companies that have a differentiated product / service offer, can address an identified opportunity area in the UK, and who have the resources and interest to actively pursue the UK market. As a basis for evaluation, the following criteria will be used in the selection process:

  • Do you have English speaking capability?
  • Are your factories a member of SEDEX?
  • Are you SMETA audited?
  • Do you have design capability?
  • Do you have in-house pattern cutting, grading and marker making systems?
  • Do you have fabric and trim sourcing capabilities?
  • What export experience do you have

In addition, OCO Global will endeavour to have regional and gender diversity in the programme, so that it is open to all companies across Tunisia.


Requirements for participating companies:


To ensure the programme is successful, it is imperative that the participating companies are fully committed and able to invest the time and resources needed to become market-ready for the UK.  Specifically, we will ask all participating companies to commit to the following:

  • Allocation of a minimum 1 senior personnel to the programme and to the UK market.
  • A minimum of 5 days per month allocated to the programme and to implementing the learnings and actions over the 5-month period
  • Attendance at all 4 modules
  • Early visa applications to avoid travel issues to the UK
  • Commitment to developing capability, marketing and product for the UK market
  • Commitment to regular UK visits following the programme as required
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