Solutions to achieve stable and secure supply chains.

The disruption caused by the COVID-19 pandemic exposed the risks to the global supply chain and has been the catalyst for whole industries, sectors, companies, and governments to reassess their own vulnerabilities.

OCO Global works with governments and private companies to achieve stable and secure supply chains. We will help identify the risks and gaps in supply and value chains within sectors. We will uncover opportunities to strengthen political and economic links with corresponding regions to generate synergies. ​

We will redefine our clients’ investment promotion strategy, innovate services and design incentive packages to successfully attract reshoring projects.

1. Strategic concepts to secure critical supply

  • Identification of critical infrastructure / components / materials and its sourcing requirements across borders
  • Transparency on supplier and purchasing structures through Risk-analysis and Due Diligence
  • Asses potentials in vertical integration of local company base??

2. Supply chain mapping for high-potential opportunities

  • Mapping of supply chains around key investment projects and government recovery initiatives to maximize local benefits
  • Opportunity- specific attraction activities to pro-actively localize value chains

3. Attraction strategy and incentives

  • Definition of Target Sectors and Product-Segments for domestic and international investment attraction
  • Developing incentives systems to enhance competitiveness in attracting re-shoring opportunities
  • Build company target lists most likely to re-shore operations

Company Support Programs

1. Supply chain information platform

  • Expanding information and Advisory Services to SME
  • Webinars in Partnership with industry associations and cluster organisations
  • Checklist “Supply-Chain-Resilience”

2. Tailored company-specific risk analysis and options for actions

  • “Resilience Quick Check” with Sprint-Risk-Analysis of current Supply Chain Structures and Procurement.
  • Recommendations to secure, optimize and unlock efficiency in internal processes to manage Supply Chain.

3. Delivery-oriented services to diversify supplier base

  • Identification and qualification of potential suppliers in pre-selected target markets (building on industrial partnerships)
  • Supplier-Matchmaking for SME
  • Guideline Potentials in Digitisation
  • Rethink
  • Reassess
  • Reconfigure
  • Rebalance