Post COVID-19 response strategies

The world economy has suffered its greatest shock due to the COVID-19 pandemic. While some national and regional economies may prove to be resilient and bounce back, others are likely to be severely affected.

OCO Global work with Investment Promotion Agencies, (IPAs), Economic Development Organisations, (EDOs), national and regional governments to develop response strategies to post COVID-19 challenges, to explore opportunities and to attract investment.

Using our 5-step methodology, we help clients respond proactively to the challenges and plan for the future:

Five Step Methodology

Map Your Resilience

  • Analyse which sectors are resilient or at risk.
  • Forecast growth opportunities

Design your Response

  • Understand what is driving company decision making
  • Refresh your strategy and design policy intervention

Analyse the competition

  • Benchmark your offer against competitors in the sector
  • Define your competitive edge

Rebuild your offer

  • Shape your offer
  • Articulate your value proposition
  • Develop your key selling messages

Mobilise the recovery

  • Create company target lists for new and existing investor
  • Develop sector marketing plans

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