Episode 14 – ‘Levelling Up the UK. The key to regional economic development?’

08 Oct 2020 | Podcast

The ‘Levelling Up’ of the UK regional economy was a key pledge of the Boris Johnson government and has been a hot topic within UK politics and economic development for many years. As the UK economy begins to plot a course past COVID-19, what are the implications of the crisis around regional economic development thinking?

Has the crisis exposed limitations and challenges that a stronger regional economy might hold the answer to? Will the way that we want (and may be forced to!) work and live our lives in the post COVID world necessitate us to think differently about cities and regions? As the post COVID picture emerges, we have the chance to consider its impact and the challenges and the opportunities it presents to regional economies across the UK.

In this episode of the OCO Global broadcast, Gareth Hagan, Deputy CEO, speaks with two senior experts from significant regional economies in the UK:

· Guy Currey, Director, Invest North East England

· Steve Harper, Executive Director – International Business, Invest Northern Ireland




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For further analysis of the causes of UK regional inequality, international context and how the Covid 19 pandemic could ultimate help deliver on the Levelling Up agenda, check out this complimentary blog from  Nick Watson, Consultant at OCO Global.


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