Episode 13 – Food security in the UAE, Trade & Investment opportunities

20 Sep 2020 | Podcast

🎧 Episode 13 of the OCO Global Broadcast is now available!

Food security in the UAE, Trade & Investment opportunities.
In this episode, Joe Hepworth, OCO Global Director Middle East, is joined by Majid Al Qasimi and Greg Ohannessian, Partners at Soma Mater, a specialised consultancy focused on the Middle East food system.  
Food Security has been in the news in the last 6 months like never before and has moved into the public consciousness .  In this podcast, we try to define food security in the Middle East and examine the impact COVID has had on the food supply system.
The UAE has been praised internationally for its strategy on food security.  We will attempt to understand the successes in the UAE and what the opportunities are in the future. 
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