Mark O’Connell speaker at IEDC Spring Conference in Michigan

07 Jun 2013 | News


This weekend (9-11th of June) Mark O’Connell will be attending the IEDC Leadership Conference in Ann Arbor Michigan in his capacity as a Board member to discuss the opportunities to expand IEDC’s international membership franchise.

He will also be presenting on an IEDC panel on Tuesday 11th of June on the theme of FDI matters, and demonstrating the link between those States who have a proactive commitment to international outreach and their performance in attracting foreign investment jobs and export sales receipts. Mark will also present some examples of those States, cities and communities that do international well and what we can learn from them. The 2013 Spring conference is designed to provide attendees with a firm grasp on industry trends that will allow them to discover emerging opportunities stimulating growth in new markets. The state of Michigan itself had the second largest recovery from the Great Recession with Ann Arbor itself sustaining the lowest level of unemployment throughout the recession and recovery.

This provides the IEDC with an excellent platform to demonstrate the importance of an international strategy and the ways in which this can be achieved and sustained.