UAE’s Food & Drinks Market: Opportunities During Ramadan

Wuraola Ogundimu | 21 Mar 2023 | Middle East perspective

The food and drink market in the UAE during Ramadan is a significant contributor to the economy. According to a report by Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the food and beverage sales in the UAE during Ramadan reached AED 22 billion ($6 billion) in 2021.

Growth of Food & Beverage sales is due to several factors, including the increasing number of tourists visiting the UAE during Ramadan, the growing popularity of iftar buffets and suhoor meals, and the rise in home delivery and takeaway services. During Ramadan, Muslims fast from sunrise to sunset, and then break their fast with a meal known as iftar. This creates a significant opportunity for businesses in the food and beverage industry.

Here are some of the trends observed in the UAE’s food and drinks sector during the month of Ramadan:

  • Iftar and Suhoor Menus: Many restaurants in the UAE offer special iftar and suhoor menus during Ramadan. This is an excellent opportunity for restaurants and food service providers to create unique, Ramadan-specific menus and attract customers who are looking for a special dining experience during this time. By offering unique, Ramadan-specific menus and promotions, businesses attract customers and increase sales during this holy month.


  • Delivery and Takeaway: As many people prefer to break their fast at home with family and friends, delivery and takeaway services are in high demand during Ramadan. Restaurants and food delivery services can capitalize on this trend by offering special Ramadan deals and promotions to attract customers.


  • Snacks and Desserts: Ramadan is also a time when people indulge in sweets and desserts after breaking their fast. Companies in the food and beverage industry can create unique and delicious snacks and desserts that are specifically marketed towards the Ramadan season.


  • Non-alcoholic Beverages: It is forbidden to drink alcohol during Ramadan, which creates an opportunity for non-alcoholic beverage providers to offer a variety of drinks that are perfect for iftar and suhoor meals.


  • Promotions and Marketing: Ramadan is a time of increased spending in the UAE, and businesses can capitalize on this by offering special promotions and marketing campaigns. For example, offering discounts or free items with purchases during Ramadan can attract more customers and increase sales.

These trends in turn present numerous opportunities for F&B suppliers within the food services and retail sector. Reach out to us to know more on connecting with leading F&B entities in the region and how we could support you gain access to this burgeoning market.