Israel-UAE trade: rapid developments & growing interest

Joe Hepworth | 16 Sep 2020 | Middle East perspective

On Tuesday 15th September, we hosted a webinar for Israeli organisations looking at doing business in the UAE.  The fact that we had 150 sign ups is testament to the massive interest in this new (and unexpected!) trade corridor and also the significant opportunities that exist on both side for good business to be done.

You can access a recording of the webinar and download the slide deck we presented, below:

  Click Here to access the Video.

Click Here to access the Slides.


In a little over a month, the normalization of relations between the two countries (and Bahrain too) has moved at a rapid pace with the signing of the Abraham Accord at the White House, also on September 15th, marking the diplomatic handshake.

On the trade side, as we outlined in our webinar, there is much for Israeli companies to understand about doing business in the UAE, before diving in.  Having an understanding of the economic drivers and shifts is vital, as is an appreciation of the very complex jurisdictional landscape regarding freezones, common law courts and local company ownership.

However, once these factors are understood, we see both interest & demand.  We have started our first UAE project for an Israeli company in the field of transportation and we have a number of others ready to get started.  First mover advantage will be significant.

For UAE companies interested in doing business in Israel, we are planning a similar informative webinar on 21st October to advise & educate on the market there; registration details will be shared in due course.


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