Dubai Future Academy: Digital Courses

Abbey Salako | 27 Nov 2022 | Middle East perspective

We’ve been writing about how the UAE is big on the future…. now they want you to be too!

Dubai is the city of the future, and it is very much adopting a forward-looking mindset. Dubai Future Academy, part of the Dubai Future Foundation, the capacity building arm of DFF recently announced the launch of three digital courses which focuses on future methodologies, technologies and literacy –

Whilst Dubai continues to help prepare its citizens, this initiative is an open invitation to anyone who has the ambition to leave a mark in the field of future design. The courses are free of charge, self-paced and available globally.

As the launch falls within the endeavours of DFF to encourage future knowledge and develop a global information model that strengthens the abilities and experiences of future makers in numerous disciplines, it also empowers them with the needed tools.

With the courses being taught in both English and Arabic, they are also designed in a way that enables applicants to choose when to watch the pre-recorded lectures; without the requirement to commit to a schedule for instance, thus allowing applicants to control the speed by which they take the course.

As Dubai Future Academy aim to export Dubai’s way of future thinking to the world through this opportunity, it further reinforces Dubai’s focus on education and investment into the sector, as well as emphasises the importance of being active about the future and planning for any alterations. Get into touch to learn more about latest UAE opportunities and how to get involved.