Selecting the Right Location for Long-term Business Success

Selecting the right location for your business operations is fundamental to ensuring long-term competitiveness. A strategic and systematic approachthat considers a wide range of factors, will ensure the right choice is made for the location of new and expanded operations 

 Our Global Footprint Advisory practice can support you in all aspects of location-related corporate considerations. We advise from the development of  your strategic plan, to detailed country/region screening and evaluation, through to selection of a final siteMoreover, we provide practical support to our clients on the implementation of investment projects by organizing site visits, facilitating relationships to local stakeholders, selecting local partners, and negotiating incentives. 

 Our dedicated corporate consulting team combines in-depth regional knowledge of key investment locations with best-in-class methodologies and technical skills to optimally advise our clients. 

Key Services

  • Development of sustainable and resilient global footprint strategies (Reshoring, Nearshoring) 
  • Site Selection for production plants (Greenfield, Brownfield)R&D centers, shared-services and BPOs 
  • Implementation of investment(site visits, local stakeholder, incentives negotiation) 


  • Objective analysis and evaluation of relevant location around the globe 
  • Evidence base and rationale to support shareholder and investor discussions 
  • Streamlined processes and efficient project execution 
  • Prevent poor location-decisions and associated on-costs 

Key Contact

David Dera