GDPR – Taking The Right Steps To Ensure The Security Of Data

Andrew Bradbury | 15 Jun 2018 | General

The EU Global Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is now effective from 25 May 2018.

How has OCO Global complied with GDPR?

  • OCO Global follows privacy and security best practice
  • We have upgraded our systems and procedures and documented our data handling to allow for compliance with the regulations
  • We have noted that GDPR acknowledges that the processing of personal data for direct, targeted marketing purposes may be regarded as being carried out for a legitimate interest
  • We have undertaken Legitimate Interests Assessments and believe that we can continue to collect and share business data with our customers and partners

The type of personal data that OCO Global provides?

  • Through the course of our business we only provide our customers with limited personal data (names, titles and business contact information) to help our customers locate and engage in trade, foreign direct investment and lead generation with other businesses (B2B data). We maintain core databases of business data (for example, on our proprietary platform Velociti) that are principally from publicly available sources

Can EU individuals opt out?

  • Should EU individuals assert their right under GDPR to be forgotten, then we have processes in place to remove their names and business contact information from all of our databases

Mass market emails

  • We do not engage in mass market emailing but rather in targeted, direct communications with relevant businesses.
  • Should our clients be considering mass market email campaigns in Europe, we strongly advise seeking counsel with ourselves or independent legal advice

If you have further queries about how we are managing your data then please get in touch.

Best wishes,

Andrew Bradbury
Finance Director

Legal disclaimer:  This document is provided for information purposes only.  It does not, and is not intended to, constitute legal advice.