Are you a Women-Owned Businesses in Egypt Who Wants to Increase Your Online Sales Via eCommerce?

05 Oct 2021 | General

OCO Global are currently working with The World Bank’s Women Entrepreneurs Finance Initiative (WeFI) in Egypt.


We will be delivering a mentoring scheme to support women-led business in the eCommerce space – enabling them to scale up, build their technical knowledge, enter new markets and export via eCommerce.


The project aims to:

  • Help women-led small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in Egypt to increase their sales via eCommerce by creating learning products relating to eCommerce;

  • Mentor a cohort of advisors in Egypt on this subject matter; and

  • Support the advisors to deliver eCommerce mentoring to women-led SMEs in Egypt.

We are calling for women-led SMEs who want to receive mentoring and support from local and international experts to help them scale up their e-commerce sales.


We are seeking to support businesses in Egypt that are women-owned, who produce goods sellable through e-commerce platforms. We are particularly interested to work with companies in the Crafts, Beauty Products, Clothing, Food Products and Electronics sectors, with between 5 and 200 employees. We are willing to consider smaller businesses, or those active in different sectors, if they demonstrate good potential for growth.


You do not have to have extensive previous experience selling online, but if you do, then we can help you improve and optimize your sales, and reach new potential markets.


Participating businesses will receive 3 – 4 practical mentoring and support sessions from trained e-commerce advisors to cover all areas of running an e-commerce business. These sessions will be delivered virtually or in-person, and there will be a limited number of SMEs allocated to each e-commerce advisor to ensure a tailored experience depending on your specific needs. During this time, our e-commerce advisors (supported by international experts) will continue to provide guidance, feedback and support to you to help you improve your skills and knowledge further.


The mentoring will cover topics such as access to sales channels and online platforms, using online payments, cross-border fulfilment, costs and digital marketing. After the successful completion of the mentoring sessions, your staff will be knowledgeable on how to use e-commerce effectively and increase your online sales.



What will I get out of the scheme?

Participation in the programme will be FREE of charge, and you can expect to gain a range of benefits from the scheme which will support you grow your businesses. These include:

  • New practical skills – The mentoring will cover hands on support on practical skills that will cover areas such as marketing, payments and fulfilment. With the small number of participants per trainer, we can tackle the personalized problems your business is facing.

  • Learning resources – You will receive learning materials from the program which you will be able to refer back to, and reuse in the future.

  • e-commerce Network – You will be able to build your professional network with local peers, international e-commerce experts, sales platforms, logistics providers, and payment platforms that you can in turn partner with and explore more business opportunities.

  • Potential New Partners– You will have the opportunity to connect with new businesses in Egypt who could be your future partners.

  • Discounted Rates – Participants will be able to access a number of exclusive benefits, such as preferential rates from shipping companies such as DHL, Bosta and UPS.

  • Support to International Standards – You will be supported by locally based e-commerce advisors who have been recently trained on cutting edge e-commerce topics by internationally renowned e-commerce specialists, with many years of experience working in multiple markets.


More information:

If you are interested in participating, please read the following document for more information:

We hosted an information session on Tuesday 19th October, where we provided more information on the scheme and for questions. Watch a recording of the video here:



How to apply:

If you are interested in applying for this position, please fill out the application form below and submit your CV (in English). Applications are accepted on an ongoing basis.


You can email any questions to