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Advisory Firm Accelerating Digitisation of B2B Services

OCO Global has acquired a Spanish tech company, ‘Bizzyou’ to be incorporated into OCO’s new, dedicated technology division. The move is part of a wider strategy by the company to accelerate its digitisation of services to support international clients.

Bizzyou specialises in developing online platforms that enable business to business (B2B) engagement. The acquisition will support OCO’s delivery of international trade, investment and economic development services which rely upon connectivity and engagement between clients and stakeholders.

OCO plans to significantly enhance its offering through its CONNECT platform. CONNECT helps clients establish and nurture highly effective digital B2B communities, spanning geographies, industry sectors and programmes. The platform accelerates and multiplies business outcomes for clients such as export sales, investment attraction, and economic growth.

The technology is already being used by a broad range of clients, including a series of major export programmes for the UK government, industry development organisations in Europe and the USA, and by Asean Access Match, a major business networking organisation in south-east Asia. OCO CONNECT provides an opportunity to digitally transform and radically improve B2B engagement for over 500,000 organisations which operate in the sector globally.

OCO’s Technology offer also includes VELOCITI, a business intelligence platform which combines multiple global data sources and AI to direct users to key decision makers in the most dynamic global companies. The aim is to substantially reduce the time taken to get to the right business conversations.

Gareth Hagan, OCO Global’s CEO, said:

“In the last decade, the way in which global business operates has become unrecognisable from before. Change is everywhere and shifts in global markets and industry sectors hugely increases the need for effective B2B engagement to drive the next wave of innovation, collaboration and commercial relationships.

“We have seen significant demand from clients and real open-mindedness to adopt smart solutions like CONNECT and VELOCITI, that support their digital transformation.

“We have been working with Bizzyou since 2022 to develop OCO CONNECT, one of the most sophisticated platforms available for the creation and management of online business communities. As we continue to expand our technology capabilities within both our existing and growing client base, it made strategic sense to incorporate Bizzyou’s expertise into a new and expanded dedicated technology team.”

The OCO CONNECT platform provides economic development agencies and business organisations with the ability to transform the way they do business – turning one-off events such as a trade mission into 24 / 7 / 365 strategic business communities. The technology provides a single platform from which to run delivery programmes, organise complex events, channel communication, enable introductions and build long-term relationships.

OCO CONNECT is currently supporting a series of ‘Trade Corridors’ on behalf of the Department for Business & Trade to support UK exporters. The platform is connecting UK companies to international opportunities by allowing firms to showcase products, access research and advice, match potential buyers and sellers, and increase global connectivity.

Robert Bol, previously Bizzyou’s CEO and now OCO’s Technology Solution Architect, said:

“The acquisition of Bizzyou demonstrates OCO’s commitment to enhancing business development and engagement. OCO CONNECT promises a digital revolution in business interaction. Through partnerships with organisations such as DBT and Asean Access, we’ve already begun to create new, modern day trade corridors. Our aim is to empower membership organizations with the tools they require for seamless digital transformation, fostering global connectivity and innovation.”

Yeary Callero, formerly of Bizzyou and now OCO’s Chief Technology Officer, added:

“Joining OCO Global is an exhilarating new chapter for us. Our technology, now combined with OCO Global’s expansive reach and expertise, is set to redefine industry standards and accelerate digital transformation. We’re looking forward to helping OCO Global lead the charge in innovating business services for a digital-first world.”

OCO has a track record of successfully employing technology to deliver innovative services having previously developed online FDI intelligence and benchmarking tools. These were purchased by the Financial Times for its ‘fDi Intelligence’ business.



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About OCO Global

OCO Global is a leading specialist provider of trade, investment and economic development services. Headquartered in Belfast, Northern Ireland, OCO has 14 offices worldwide including London, Dublin, Frankfurt, Riyadh, Paris, New York, Dubai, Beijing and Shanghai.

OCO’s clients include leading national, state and regional economic development organizations such as The Department For Business and Trade (DBT), Enterprise Florida, The Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO), Abu Dhabi Global Markets (ADGM) and Saudi Arabia General Investment Authority (SAGIA), as well as private companies seeking to enter new markets or grow their domestic base, including EY, PWC, Siemens, Smiley Monroe, Pepsico and Santander.