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Duration: Half day

Course Overview

This course is aimed at everyone working in FDI, whether newly in role or looking for a refresher. It will build fundamental knowledge of the field and explain how it contributes to a wider picture of economic development. We aim to develop delegates’ awareness of:

  • The benefits of FDI
  • Key terminology
  • Latest trends
  • The process of direct investment from the perspective of foreign investors themselves

In this course we go back to basics and help delegates to understand what FDI actually is, why it’s important and how it contributes to global economic growth.
The course begins with an introduction to economics and the role of FDI and provides participants with an opportunity to think about type of business they would set up and where in the world they would locate their business. We go on to cover definitions of FDI, discuss the benefits of FDI, before moving on to look at global FDI trends. We then discuss the various motives of foreign direct investors, their perceptions and the typical lifecycle for an FDI project from the corporate perspective.
The course finishes with a discussion on the role of government in attracting FDI and examples of best practice from investment promotion agencies (IPAs) around the world. Finally, we signpost delegates to other courses in OCO Global’s FDI Academy which can support them with understanding more about investment attraction and in building the skills they may need as an FDI professional.

What you'll learn:

  • Understand why company targeting and lead generation matter
  • Be equipped with tools and techniques for identifying and targeting prospective investment leads
  • Understand how best to reach out to investors and build relations with leads
  • Have honed your skills in company targeting and the use of digital media
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