Provision of Location Digital Marketing Services for Investment Promotion

Client: Provision of Location Digital Marketing Services for Investment Promotion for Tunisia Investment Authority

Location: Tunisia

Target Sectors: Automotive, Technology and Textiles.

Markets: Germany

Client: FIPA and TIA

Delivery: 2021-2022

Tunisia has strong value propositions across key sectors of Textiles, Automotive and Tech.  Through lead generation activities, which were supported by OCO, TIA and FIPA identified Germany as a target market for prospective investors.

To support this, our Marketing Services arm created and executed digital marketing campaigns to create awareness of Tunisia as a leading business destination for investors, including the development of a suite of multi-lingual value propositions and digital search and social advertising campaigns.

The aim was to position Tunisia as a dynamic and inclusive place to do business and as a Gateway to North Africa for German investors.  Our messaging centered around educating the prospective investor on the benefits of doing business in Tunisia by showcasing the region’s strengths, by highlighting the competitiveness of the region through key driver information – skills, costs, and opportunity.

Key challenges

Low brand awareness of Tunisia in Germany, and wider limited brand awareness of Tunisia as a place to do business – more commonly thought of as tourism destination.

Highly popular and competitive sectors facing competition from other locations.


  • Increased brand awareness of Tunisia as a place to do business for these industry sectors in target market resulting in MQLs.
  • Suite of value propositions for key sectors, which position Tunisia as a leading destination to do business for German companies, and as a gateway to North Africa – with bountiful opportunities.
  • Development of digital marketing assets articulating opportunities across Tunisia which were multi-functional, for use across social, used in presentations and included in key collateral.
  • Creation of messaging and positioning for digital advertising through identification of SEO keywords and search terms, forming the foundation of more effective content and optimized campaigns for future.


“I appreciate OCO’s expertise during the brand awareness campaign of Tunisia in Germany. They master the whole process of digital advertising to promote countries in the key investment sectors. I believe that they perfectly understand our needs, so they deliver a completely tailored solution.”

Mohamed Dahmani, Communications Director, Tunisia Investment Authority