Invest TT – Investment Targeting Strategy and Lead Generation

Client: Invest Trinidad and Tobago (ITT)

Delivery: 2020-2021

OCO collaborated closely with InvesTT’s investment team during the ongoing COVID pandemic. Initially, the project focused upon a market strategy that identified the key selling points of TT and how best to position the destination against their competitors within defined target sectors/industries. As the project progressed, OCO zeroed in on key developments within the BPO sector and realized that this sector was experiencing phenomenal growth as the pandemic continued.

Equipped with state-of-the-art secondary research methodologies and comprehensive access to market and business intelligence sources, OCO recommended a strategic pivot towards the BPO that allowed InvesTT to capitalize upon developments within the sector in real-time.

Working alongside InvesTT’s team, OCO’s project team isolated key messages which resonated with the decision-makers within the BPO sector and spotlighted TT’s USPs when compared to other regions. This brought our value proposition to a new, and wider, audience. Digital infrastructure, our young talent pool and their cultural alignment to North America opened the door to many companies seeking to expand their operations.

As part of their outreach campaign, OCO conducted outreach to over 400 companies which generated a new pipeline of potential investment. One company from this campaign – Call Center Pros from Florida, USA – has already established their operations in Trinidad with ambitions to grow the team to 500 FTEs.

InvesTT focuses on the country’s key non-energy sectors: Energy Intensive Manufacturing, Maritime and Logistics, Business Process Outsourcing, Hotel & Resort Development and Agro-Processing. We work in partnership with investors from the beginning of their site selection process straight through to the establishment of business and successful operations.

Highlight the key challenges

InvesTT were seeking support in bringing our unique value proposition to the right audience and wanted to avail of bespoke research and business intelligence services. Flexibility was another key feature InvesTT was seeking during the pandemic as global FDI patterns were shifting. Our leadership knew we required an organization with comprehensive access to a range of data sources as well as a network to draw upon. Whilst understanding data analytics were important, we also were seeking an organisation with a network they could tap in order to provide a qualitative picture within our core sectors.

Outline how OCO supported

OCO began working with InvesTT in July 2020 to support our market strategy development and spearhead our lead generation and investor attraction activities with customized services. OCO provided insights into:

  • Key FDI trends during the pandemic
  • Research of investment signals for our core sectors and enrichment with data and qualitative information (“investment opportunity detail”)
  • Individual list builds on high-potential target companies in defined sectors
  • Analysis of comparison groups (“peer groups”) – development of ad-hoc list builds by OCO of companies of a peer group (i.e. companies with the same/similar product portfolio of investors)

“OCO Global was a key connector in a re-focused strategy based on targeting specific industries where T&T possessed key comparative advantages in the region. OCO’s research supported and refined InvesTT’s earlier assumptions, then targeted its network to connect us to key decision makers. As a result, InvesTT was able to land a BPO investor and a short-list of ongoing investor targets.”Sekou Alleyne, President of InvesTT