Route to European market strategy and support

Client: CarbonCure

Location: Canada – Nova Scotia

Target Sectors: Introducing recycled CO₂ into fresh concrete

Markets: United Kingdom, Benelux, France and Germany

Delivery: 2021

About the project 

CarbonCure, headquartered in Nova Scotia, is global leader in CO₂ utilization for the concrete industry. Recycled CO₂, captured from industrial emitters, is injected into fresh concrete during production, using CarbonCure’s proprietary technology.

CarbonCure had started some activity in Germany and wanted to get a better position in the European market but were struggling with the different regulatory issues for each country. CarbonCure wanted to get in touch with distributors in the countries where they are not represented and were also keen to have meetings with producers directly.

How OCO Global Supported:
OCO developed a comprehensive program for four key markets: UK, France, Germany
and the Benelux. Following initial research it was agreed that the best route to market
would be a mix of direct to end users (producers) as well as through channel partners in
those markets where they are not yet working with distributors. A secondary objective
was to introduce CarbonCure to specialized experts that could support them with
regulations in each market. The targets were the midsize producers with on average
between 10-100 plants in one market.

OCO confirmed 3 virtual meetings for Cimline Duraco with qualified French companies that
expressed interest and capability in being national distributors. Cimline has progressed
discussions with two of them and the client is confident of finalizing a partnership in early
2022 that will enable them to pursue the significant business opportunities afforded by the
upcoming French road infrastructure investment programme.

‘The team at OCO Global was extremely professional and responsive to our changing needs.
By bridging any linguistic and cultural gaps, OCO Global helped us secure 15 introductory
meetings with producers and prospective distributors in our priority European markets,
one of which led to us securing a distributor. We are very pleased with the results from
this program!’

Mairi McKinnon, CarbonCure