OCO Global is a technology enabled advisory firm focused on trade, investment and economic development.

We work with our clients to ensure that their international business thrives, by delivering innovative and sustainable outcomes and connecting them to opportunities across the world that create prosperity, employment and economic growth.

The Gigafactory Phenomenon

A decade ago, Elon Musk coined the term ‘Gigafactory’. What used to be a fancy expression for the first large-scale Tesla sites has now evolved into a frequent investment pattern of many more companies in that space.

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COPportunity: Driving food security and environmental sustainability in the GCC

Between 2012 and 2019, the consensus was that food security was improving globally. But, of course, global food security wasn’t immune to the dramatic change of circumstances from 2019 onwards.

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The UK: An Emerging Tech Powerhouse

While Silicon Valley, Beijing and Shanghai continue to receive the plaudits for their tech credentials, there’s an emerging tech powerhouse that nobody’s mentioning yet: the UK.

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Our Commitment to Making a Difference

As participants in the United Nations Global Compact, OCO Global is committed to operating a sustainable and socially responsible business, and positively influencing our global clients.

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